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Online Tracking is now available for air cargo.

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How does it work?

01 /Request your part

If the part you need is not already listed in the shop, contact us to request a price. You can choose your own supplier, let us know what vehicle it's for and if there are any other details we need to know about.

03 /Pay for your part

Once you confirm your order, you'll receive an email with payment instructions. To keep prices low, we ask that customers pay via UK Bank Transfer but we can also accept PayPal if you prefer.

02 /Receive a fixed price

Once we know what you need, we can find the best deal for you. Sometimes we'll need to obtain the measurements and shipping weight from the USA supplier, but we'll handle everything for you. The price you'll receive will include all of the shipping costs and import taxes if applicable. We'll email you with a link to proceed with the order.

04 /We'll take care of the rest

We'll place the order with your chosen supplier and send you their tracking numbers as soon as we receive them. Your parcel is then delivered to our warehouse in Kentucky where it is consolidated and flown to the UK. We currently use British Airways and have flights every week from New York to London. Tracking information is available at every step of the way. Estiamted delivery time is 10 to 14 days.

About Us

Here to get you the best deal, landed to your door.

As an American car owner myself, I know only too well the frustration that is sometimes encountered when trying to get a fair price for the part I need. A combination of the American's not wanting to ship some parts overseas and companies in the UK charging over the odds, has enabled Perfect Imports to grow very quickly.

In 2013 we made arrangements with a US based company for the purpose of getting parts consolidated for UK owners of the Chevrolet Camaro. This grew very quickly and in 2015 allowed us to approach Virgin Atlantic Cargo with a business plan for direct UK shipments opening the market to all types of American vehicles and cutting out the middle man.

Our supply chain has recently been extended to British Airways IAG Cargo allowing us to offer customers with weekly shipments from JFK, New York, to London Heathrow. Our facilities allow us to process our own parcels and prepare all of the required customs paperwork without involving third parties.

This year we were able to futher reduce shipping prices by removing all customs handling fees, removing air cargo unloading fees and also removing all tax on the cost of the shipping itself.

Regards, Peter John

10 to 14 Days Shipping

01 /Supplier Dispatch

Once your chosen US supplier has dispatched the item, it may take a few days to reach our US Airport Facility. You can track this via the UPS website, FedEx website or USPS website. We'll send you the tracking numbers by email as soon as we receive them.

02 /Airport Processing

We take care of everything. Once your item arrives at our Airport Facility, we'll process it ready for customs to inspect when it arrives in the UK. Your unique tracking number will allow you to track the flight through the British Airways IAG website.

03 /UK Customs Processing

We take care of everything. Your shipment will be processed quickly by UK Customs and any import taxes will be pre-paid before the item arrives in the UK. It then arrives at our UK facility which can be tracked through the Citipost UK website. We'll send you the tracking numbers by email once customs clearance has compelted.

04 /Final Mile Delivery

We take care of everything. Once we've sorted through the entire shipment, your order will be delivered by either DHL Express or Hermes International. We'll send you the tracking numbers by email as soon as we dispatch your order.

Order Returns and Cancellations

01 /Cancelling your order

Once the order is placed with the US supplier, we can not cancel the order with the supplier. It is your responsibility to ensure any parts are the correct parts for your vehicle before the order is made.

In the unfortunate event of needing to return the item to the supplier, you would need to cover the cost of the return shipping and organise this directly with the supplier. Copies of the original purchase receipts can be provided as we only act as a shipping agent on your behalf of your chosen supplier.

02 /Changing your shipping address

Once the order is placed with the US supplier, we can not change the UK shipping address. It is your responsibility to ensure that the shipping address is correct. You will receive confirmation of this before the order is placed. We will make checks with the UK postcode database to ensure that any typing mistakes are corrected.

Restrcited Goods

Thats right, we do have some restrictions

It doesn’t have to be Automotive Parts but our service is restricted to the shipping Automotive Parts only unless otherwise agreed. All other types of goods are usually prohibited [petrol, explosives, batteries, paint, solvents …] and will not be accepted.

If you are unsure if you item fits into a restricted category, please contact us.


We are now able to ship motor oil and motor lubricants and have done so very sucessfully using specialist air cargo containers. Please ask us for more information about this.