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Yank enthusiasts

As an American car owner myself, I know only too well the frustration that is sometimes encountered when trying to get a fair price for the part I need. A combination of the American's not wanting to ship some parts overseas and companies in the UK charging over the odds, has enabled Perfect Imports to grow very quickly. - Peter John

Our history

March, 2017


We have been able to futher reduce shipping prices by removing all customs handling fees, removing air cargo unloading fees and also removing all tax on the cost of the shipping itself. We continue to supply lots of parts to car owners on private forums and facebook groups.

May, 2016


Supply chain extended to British Airways IAG Cargo allowing us to offer customers with weekly shipments from JFK, New York, to London Heathrow. Our facilities allow us to process our own parcels and prepare all of the required customs paperwork without involving third parties

December, 2013


Arrangements made with a US based company for the purpose of getting parts consolidated for UK owners of the Chevrolet Camaro. This grew very quickly and in 2015 allowed us to approach Virgin Atlantic Cargo with a business plan for direct UK shipments opening the market to all types of American vehicles and cutting out the middle man.

What you can expect

By using our shipping service, you can expect:

  • Online tracking at every step
  • Access to items usually to International purchasers
  • Lowest shipping rates for air cargo
  • Beat any eBay shipping price
  • Insurance against loss and damage during shipping
  • Hassle free customs clearance
  • No more customs processing fees
  • Pre-paid import tax for quicker customs clearance
  • Best exchange rates on the day of purchase
  • Fixed prices landed to your door

Our advantages

Knowledgable advice

We aim to go the extra mile to assist customers with their purchase choices where possible. Our experience in the industry and American products means we usually know if there is a better alternative product available to purchase.

Modern Muscle Specialist

Specialing in modern American muscle cars, like the 5th and 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro, all modern Mustang and Challenger models, we're very familar with what products work better than others. Whether you're after OEM parts or after-market parts, we're here to help.