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ford mustang ecoboost 2016

ford mustang ecoboost 2016

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  • Sale! £850.00 £650.00

    ETS Ford Mustang Ecoboost Intercooler Upgrade 2015+

    The ETS Ford Mustang Ecoboost Intercooler is easiest way to improve power by eliminating heatsoak which drastically effect the performance of your vehicle.  Factory calibrations start reducing timing once charge air temps reach 100° and the higher they get the more the reduction. An upgraded intercoolers will prevent your car from heatsoaking and keep charge air temps within 10-20 degrees above ambient to ensure you have consistent power output on the street, track, and circuit. We ship this item direct from ETS in the USA, the price listed is the price delivered to your door in the UK. Customs duty and shipping costs are factored into this price, there is nothing else to pay, just the listed price, to your door. If you find this part cheaper elsewhere please let us know where and we'll try and beat it. ETS designed their intercooler with 23 charge rows which gives ETS more heat transfer plates for optimal cooling, more internal flow and less pressure drop than any other intercooler on the market.
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